"It is time to look for conecctions between the individual and the nature of all things." M. Volonterio.


missao“There is always a front to a back.” (Unique Principle - George Ohsawa)

“..Every front can be a back and that depends only on human will. The human being is able to turn the front into back and the back into front.

Will… consciousness, the consciousness that the front is the back; every front and back have an opposite which is complementary.

Big cities live a paradox that belongs to every one of the bigger cities: the city has it all, it has movie theater, theater, avenue, shopping mall, it has.. everything, YES , it does.

...The bigger the city, in terms of quantity, the bigger the amount of ecological disasters  that humans generate...

I don't want to talk about water, neither about anything sustainable. I don't believe that a cleaner  city means a more ecological space.. A city is ecological if humans are healthy, because if they are, they are able to think. It may exist  a  completely  clean and aseptic as an operating room city but if its citizens are unhappy and not healthy, that city is neither ecological nor susteinable..
Front and back..”
Marisa Volonterio – Extracted from “Rather Simple”





Without it, no leader can be such.

It is hard to believe that somebody can achieve success without health, and it is even harder to believe that he can keep it. Great and ancient warriors and sages sought in health their best tool to overcome daily battles. Modern leaders forgot this philosophy and underestimate the importance of physical, mental and emotional health.

Marisa Volonterio has as short term objective to present to these modern leaders , a new, oriental and dynamic, vision of health. To achieve it, she concentrates in building values that every leader must possess, emphasizing the importance of having an optimal health to get those values.



“Flexible is everything that survives”. Marisa Volonterio.
Obtaining  greater flexibility  in the “I” consciousness, to place more sustainability in areas of influence. Frequently, lack of health makes leaders inflexible.


“A sin with little forgiveness: to sin against coherence”. Samuel Koch.
Creating coherence between individual wishes and actions that can be made to fulfill them.

Most leaders don't know about the importance of coherence y that is how the loose sight of the essence of their natural capacities.


“There is no better physician than Dr. Joy” Hippocrates.
Awakening  joy  to  boost optimism. This is neccesary to reach short, medium and  long term objectives. Living  joyfully is fundamental to keep the interest at the objectives.
Lack of  good health produces absence of joy.


“Determination means looking at what is far away as if it were close”.  Chinese proverb.
Determination is one of the most important tools to solve everyday problems. The most unpredictable and difficult situations can be calmly examined thanks to determination. However, there is no calm without health.



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